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5 Simple Ways to Introduce Colour to Your Rented Room

While minimalist, all-white interiors are beautiful, they tend to only look amazing on Pinterest. In real life, all-white (or worse, magnolia) interiors can be a bit dull and depressing. And sometimes they’re just totally lifeless and cold.



This isn’t a problem if you own your home given the fact you can crack open a tin of paint and start splashing colour wherever you want. But if you’re renting, you’ll have to get more creative than that. Here are five simple ways to introduce colour to your rented room without upsetting your landlord or breaking… Read more >>

What to consider when investing in buy-to-let property

With some UK pension funds in crisis, the pound hitting record lows and even some government gilts producing negative returns, it is hardly surprising some people are wondering just where they can find an investment that will actually bring in some sort of yield.

 If there is one thing the financial chaos of the past decade has taught us, it is that the old adage, “there is no better investment than bricks and mortar” appears to be more true today than ever.… Read more >>

Smart Protection For Your Home

 It’s hard to keep up with technology that aims to improve your home-life, and with the recent Amazon Echo release, more people are welcoming multi-functional devices into their shared homes to make life a little easier.

Technological advancements are creating ‘active’ products – triggered by touch, voice or programmed timer. From dimming the lights to playing your favourite artist on Spotify, or switching the heating on to boiling the kettle, our whims have never been so catered for.

Active devices do require power though – plugged into the mains, battery operated or rechargeable through USB –… Read more >>

Safe Property Renovation for Property Developers

Buying properties for the buy to let market is a smart investment. Even with reduced tax breaks for landlords and a government determined to tip the balance in favour of first-time buyers, there is still more money to be made in property while interest rates remain so low.

There is more money to be made if you snap up a property that needs a significant amount of work, especially if you are able to do some of the work yourself. Once the property has been renovated, you can fill it with tenants or sell it on for a… Read more >>

Is your home becoming a target for thieves while you’re on holiday?

No matter what style, age or size our properties are, there’s one thing we all have in common: they’re a target for thieves while we’re away.

 Leaving our homes vacant while we’re on holiday is the perfect opportunity for criminals to break in, stealing our hard-earned belongings and invading our private space. But, are you even aware of the fact that you might be making your home a target for thieves...? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons criminals might choose your home to burgle, and the steps you can take to lessen the chance… Read more >>