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How to create soft minimalism for your bedroom

Minimalism - a popular recent trend for those who are seeking simple and less cluttered surroundings. It’s all about doing more with less and simplifying your life – so where better to start than your bedroom? The perfect and complete minimal bedroom focuses on what you can take away rather than what you can add, removing all the excess and keeping only what is necessary and useful.



Take a look at our top tips for a minimal bedroom.


Remove clutter

This really does go without saying. Removing all unwanted and… Read more >>

Ready for the big move? Making sure you know what’s in your local area

No matter how nice your new house or flat is, the physical process of moving home can be pretty stressful (for some people it’s top of the list of most stressful life events). Once you’re in you might well feel pretty drained - physically, emotionally and financially – but it’s important to try to find your feet.

Getting settled in your property is only one aspect, as you’ve also got to get used to a whole new location if you’re really going to feel ‘at home’.

Here’s what to look out for…



Protecting your property against wear and tear

Wear and tear. It is one of those phrases that we all think we understand, but that can become vague and ephemeral when we try to really get a grasp of it.

 In essence, normal wear and tear is the natural deterioration that happens to everything, and indeed to all of us, over the years. As a home owner, as well as a landlord, it will be a concept that you are only too familiar with. Nothing lasts forever, which is why we need… Read more >>

How Your Credit Score Can Stop You From Renting?

How Your Credit Score Can Stop You From Renting?

According to research conducted by ClearScore, landlords and rental agencies place more importance on renters’ credit scores and financial histories than other factors. About 62 percent of landlords said that the credit scores of tenants are the main factor affecting their decisions on whether or not to let out their properties, followed by their ages and salaries. However, up to 39 percent of renters are unaware that poor credit scores can be the reason behind their failure to rent properties.

What Does Your Credit Score Say About You?

According to AAACreditguide…

4 Things to Think About Before You Get a Lodger

With rising fuel and food costs, and the wage growth slowing, the cost of living has inflated from 1.8% to 2.9%. The last time we saw this rise was in September 2013, and is well above the 2.1% forecast by the Reuters poll of economists. The bigger than expected rise in inflation will fuel people’s fears of a reduction in people’s standards of living, but what can you do to take the strain of tightening your purse strings? One option you have is to rent out your spare room, and with… Read more >>