10 tips when moving to London to flatshare

If you want to move to London, certainly having the correct accommodation is necessary. Flat sharing is a very feasible and beneficial thing in many ways. The top benefit is the economic benefit that an individual gets with flat sharing. While looking for a Flatshare in London some points should always be considered. Below are the 10 tips to consider when moving to London to flatshare:

1. Rules and regulations
Before you agree to anything, ask about the rules and regulations that you would be required to follow. This is significant since if the rules and regulations are extensive, it may cause issues to someone with difficulty in following rules.
2. Avoid unreliable real estate agents
Real estate agents in London carry out roles of locating, recommending rental flats and as a result take some burden of administration off you. However,you should be ready to pay these agents handsomely for it. A typical agent fee might be 10% of the rent in addition to a variety of admin fee.
3. Rent deposit
Check if the bills are included in the rental fee. The most obvious and important reason for a flatshare, is the reduction in both the rental cost and the cost of living.
4. Know your flatmates
There are social reasons as well and the need to know people around and make friends in a new city such as London. You have to inquire about the one with whom you are going to share the flat since the rent is divided and not one person has to pay the total rent.
5. Ask about what the flatmates do
When inquiring about flatmates, it is vital that you also ask about what they do in order to match the compatibility with your lifestyles.
6. Try to find upcoming, diamond in the London regions
For instance, the South East of the city of London is usually cheaper but transport has greatly increased caused by the new over ground line.
7. Ask for a flatshare with more bedrooms
Consider asking for a flat share with more bedrooms in order for bills to be split among more people. There is certainly the extra dimension for flat sharing with more people.
8. Do not get a TV license
You can save about £180 pounds if you do not get a TV license. For a good number of the programmes, you can watch them online anyway.
9. flatshare within cycling distance
Living within cycling distance is important since it helps reduce on transport costs. Transport costs go up quickly especially if you drive in distant regions.

10. Request to live with student flatmates
Living with student flatmates helps in that no council tax will need to be paid. Be careful since the students have to to be full time and at least two of them in the household.
These important things should be inquired about before agreeing to move to London to a flat share. There are several reasons why people have a preference for flat sharing. With a flat share, people not only gain from the economic benefit but also make friends. With flat sharing, individuals have chances of living in nicer places.