10 things your property insurance doesnt cover you for

Buying insurance can be a complex process. As a result of the new Insurance Act 2015 be prepared to spend a very long time on the phone when applying for cover. The Act has clarified certain types of cover but some property owners may find it more difficult to access insurance at a moderate price if they have made numerous claims in the past or their insurer has refused to pay out a previous claim as a result of misrepresentation. Here are ten things your insurer may query.


1. Household security

You should have locking windows and five lever locks on your doors. If you don’t have these safety features an insurer may insist that you install them before offering you cover. Roller shutters are a great idea as they are virtually impenetrable and demonstrate that your home is safe.


2. Subsidence

Insurers hate subsidence. There are certain specialist firms that will provide cover, but it’s going to cost you dear. Even if your property has been underpinned the insurer will still perceive a risk, and raise your premium accordingly.


3. Are your carpets covered?

According to the website Mums Net you should never assume that certain household essentials are covered in your policy. For example, you might spill red wine on your new cream carpet, only to discover that this type of accident is covered by the terms of your policy.


4. Sinkholes

According to an article in The Guardian if you have been affected by a sinkhole, your buildings insurance should cover any damage to your property - but don’t expect any damage to your garden to be compensated.


5. Relocation in case of floods

If your property is affected by severe flooding, be aware that some insurers won’t cover the costs of temporary relocation. This type of cover does vary according to insurance providers; if you aren’t offered this type of compensation, then ask for it.


6. Woodworm

Insect infestation can wreak havoc to homes that are both old and new. Unless you’ve specifically requested this type of insurance you could find that you’re not protected.


7. Maintain your home

If you don’t keep your home in good order - painting the outside and replacing tiles are just two examples - then an insurer can refuse to payout should you make a claim for property damage as a result of a storm


8. Pet damage


If your beloved pet loves clawing your furniture, then that’s your fault. Insurers will not pay out for pet damage to furniture, fixtures or fittings. You might be able to claim on goods that were damaged by accident, make sure you include this clause in your overall contents policy.


9. Insure your gardens

If you haven’t insured your property against potential damage that can be caused by falling trees or extending roots, then your buildings insurance won’t protect you.


10. Be honest

It’s all too easy for an insurer to fail to pay out because you didn’t tell them about your flat roof, your lack of household security or that your house is built over a disused mine. There is insurance for almost every type of building but unless the insurer knows all of the facts about your property, they will reject your claim.