£10,000 spent on converting spare room in to replica cockpit.


Pilot wannabe converts spare room into flight simulator

A flying enthusiast has indulged his passion – by spending £10,000 converting his spare room into a replica cockpit.

The flight fan took four months to complete the flight simulator, butchering an old flight simulator at a previous property for parts.

Richard Hutchinson, 58, regularly goes on fantasy flights using the Boeing 737-800 simulator.

Mr Hutchinson, of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, allows other plane enthusiasts to use the simulator, much of the equipment and software for which had to be sourced from abroad.

Richard Hutchinson (58) from Peterborough with his Boeing 737-800 flight simulator in his house.  See MASONS story MNFLIGHT.  A security guard has recreated a fully-working cockpit of a commercial airliner - in his spare bedroom.  Flight fan Richard Hutchinson, 58, has spent years - and thousands of pounds - painstakingly building the hi-tech Boeing 737 simulator in his home.  The replica which is near-identical to the control panel of a real plane can recreate weather conditions and mechanical faults.  Now Richard is using the simulator at his home in Peterborough, Cambs, to help nervous flyers overcome their fears.The simulator cost thousands to put together (Picture: Masons)

‘I have never flown a plane before but I think if I needed to I could land a 737,’ he told The Mirror.

‘But you are always learning. I’ve had the simulator for five or six years and there are still things I learn now. It’s a good, fun, absorbing hobby.’

The wannabe pilot, whose father served in the RAF, says that he has used the flight simulator to help nervous fliers overcome their fears.

‘I’ve had people come here who would not go in a plane and then go on holiday in a plane for the first time,’ he revealed.