5 Of The Best Ways To Brighten Up A Dull Looking Room

There are many ways to brighten up a dark and dingy room right from installing new lighting to painting the walls in bright colours. Even the texture and colour of your furniture can make a difference. In fact, even a sofa with attached legs rather than one that sits on the floor can make a difference. Here are just a few ideas on how to brighten up a dull looking room.

 1. Change your lighting

 Every home has a room that could do with brightening up and changing. Updating the lighting design can make a huge difference. If you visit the Homebase website you will find some amazing lighting ideas from wall lights to table lamps or even chandeliers. The Huffington Post explains how lighting can be used in various ways to enhance your home by using varying length pendant lights in a north facing room to give a layered effect. You can also use spotlights to illuminate artwork or other features that you have in the room.

 2. Colourful walls

Brightening up any room can be achieved by painting the walls a bright and vibrant colour. Even if you want to have one wall painted in a deep red or terracotta, for example, then as long as you paint the remaining walls a light colour or even white then the room won’t look too dark. You can also buy some beautiful wallpaper that is not only bright, but also textured giving you an alternative effect. This article in House To Home magazine will give you some simple ideas on how to decorate a small living room using pastel colours for a bright-but-warm feel.


3. Brighten up your furniture

 If your furniture is starting to look a bit tired and could do with an update then the easiest way to remedy this is to use some simple but colourful throws. You could also use some brightly coloured cushions; these don’t have to cost you a fortune and can be exchanged whenever you fancy a change. Another way of reinvigorating old brown furniture is to sand it down and paint it with some easy cover paint. You will probably have seen lots of this type of furniture for sale in second hand shops and a shabby chic restoration of such items is currently very fashionable.

 4. Make the most of natural light

 If you are lucky and have a reasonably sized window in your room then make the

most of this by hanging mirrors on the opposite walls. These will reflect the light back into the room and make the area look much larger. The results can be amazing. Many people who use their loft space as an extra living area install roof or velux windows, which allow more natural light into the room. These windows can be fitted to flat roofs and can save you having to fit additional electric lighting to brighten up the space.


5. Clear up the clutter

 Keeping a room free from clutter can make the area look brighter and it will certainly encourage your eye to focus on the colour scheme you have chosen for your walls and furnishings rather than untidy piles of ‘stuff’.