5 Simple Ways to Introduce Colour to Your Rented Room

While minimalist, all-white interiors are beautiful, they tend to only look amazing on Pinterest. In real life, all-white (or worse, magnolia) interiors can be a bit dull and depressing. And sometimes they’re just totally lifeless and cold.



This isn’t a problem if you own your home given the fact you can crack open a tin of paint and start splashing colour wherever you want. But if you’re renting, you’ll have to get more creative than that. Here are five simple ways to introduce colour to your rented room without upsetting your landlord or breaking your tenancy agreement…


1. Display bright, colourful art 

Artwork instantly brightens a room and shows off your personality too. Head to markets, art shows or look online for colourful artwork that you love, mounting pieces in beautiful frames and displaying them in your room. You can prop your artwork up on a bookshelf if you’re not allowed to put holes in the wall without permission, or you could try using something like Command strips to securely fix art to the wall without leaving a mark.


2. Hang bright curtains

Another great way to add colour to a rented room is to change the curtains. Most rented apartments come with fairly drab curtains, so treat yourself to some new ones that are bright and beautiful. Choose curtains in sophisticated jewel tones to be on trend for 2017, or treat yourself to a pair with a botanical print to breath life and cheer into your interior.


In fact, if you want to get a really nice set, ask your landlord if they want to split the bill for a pair of high quality ready made curtains; they can stay there to brighten up the room long after you leave.


3. Add a colourful rug

Not just for keeping your feet warm or hiding stains on the carpet from previous tenants, rugs are a great way to add colour to a rented room. Choose rugs that are bright and bold, with eye-catching patterns to really make your interior interesting.


Just be sure to buy some underlay for your rug if you’re placing it on a slippery surface such as a wooden floor, and remember to buy a rug that’s bigger than you think you need.
For example, choose a large enough rug for your living room so that it comes underneath your furniture, rather than arranging your furniture around a rug so that it resembles something like a ‘floating island’.  


4. Invest in colourful furniture

You might not be able to paint your walls, but you can certainly start investing in furniture you really love. For example, if you’re looking for a sofa, why not buy a fabric one that’s orange, red or cobalt blue for something really eye-popping and stylish?


The smart thing to do, however, would be to make sure you’ve bought a sofa with detachable covers. That way, you can buy a second set in a neutral colour just in case you ever fancy a change from your bright sofa without needing to splurge on a brand new sofa.


5. Paint your furniture 


Finally, you can introduce colour to your interior by painting the furniture. Of course you’ll only be able to paint the furniture you own (so keep away from the kitchen cupboards), but a dining table or a set of dining chairs that you’ve added to the property from your own pocket could look fantastic painted in different colours.