5 Tips For Making Your Home More Attractive

Your home is your pride and joy. It’s where you spend the most time and where you raise your kids. It only makes sense that you’d want it looking its best at all times.

You get busy, and I’m sure the first things to go are your home and your health and happiness. It’s time to turn that around and do something about it. Learn five tips for making your home more attractive and get back on track.


Your first order of business is to declutter and remove what you don’t need or use from your home. This even includes décor that’s ten years old and you can’t seem to part ways with so you leave it out. Go through closets and find the clothes you no longer wear and donate them. Head to the basement or up to the attic and go through each and every item. Decluttering means throwing out or giving away, but the key is that you no longer have room for it in your house.

Apply Paint

New paint does wonders for any home. This includes the exterior and interior walls. Do a check and be a harsh critic. There are numerous DIY painting tutorials<!--[if !supportNestedAnchors]--><!--[endif]--> out there so you can save money and get the job done over a weekend. Enter bathrooms, bedrooms and main living areas to do a paint check and decide if it’s time for a fresh coat or colour.

Rearrange Furniture

Sprucing up your home may be as easy as rearranging furniture and moving a few pieces around. It doesn’t necessary mean you have to go out and buy everything new. You may find as you move furniture around that it will require you to buy a new item or two. Once again, this is the time to get rid of what you no longer need or what’s bringing your house down.

Incorporate A Garden & Flowers

Don’t forget about the outside of your home. Go out front and look at your house to judge the kerb appeal. Clean up the yard and walkway area up to your home. Head to the backyard and study how to make your backyard more attractive. This includes planting flowers and starting a small garden. It’s a fun hobby where you can learn all about the different flowers and when you should be planting each type. It’ll bring you joy each time you look out the window and make you feel proud.

Fix the Little Things

Fixing the little things is a big deal and will make your home more attractive. If you have a broken sink here and dirty carpet there, it all adds up. Take inventory and go around your home making a list of the small items that can be fixed and then make it a goal to do it. Your home will be more attractive with each little repair you fix.



Make your home more attractive by paying attention to these tips. Take action and look forward to enjoying the results. It’s not difficult to make your home more attractive, but it takes a careful eye and time and effort. In this case the little things really do make a big difference.