6 Ways To Add Life To A Rustic Home

Rustic homes have a lot of personality, but there is a fine line between rustic and old fashioned. If your home is verging closer to the latter, then you may want to add a bit of life to it. But where do you start? How do you add life to your home without taking away any of the personality? Well, here are six ways to get you started!


1. Update your windows and doors

One problem with a rustic home is that they can feature old rickety windows, that aren’t necessarily the best protection from the elements and large, heavy old-fashioned doors. So give your home some life with new windows and doors that bring light into your home and enable you to see outside. Perhaps swap those large old doors that shut out the garden for some large glass bi-folding doors. For the windows, think bigger – perhaps a bay window that gives you an extra seating area as well.  


2. The smallest things can make a big difference

You don’t need to make huge, time consuming and costly changes to your home to add some life to it. In fact, a few small changes here and there can make a big difference. Think new furniture, new curtains, new lighting and accessories that you can dot around the home.


3. Give the outside a lick of paint

The outside of your home is the first place people will see and therefore gives the overall impression of the whole place. So where better to start when rejuvenating an old fashioned home? Choose your colours, pick up the tins of paint from Rawlins and ensure the exterior of your home paints the right picture of the interior.


4. Give the inside a lick of paint

Don’t forget about the inside! You don’t have to go over the top to rejuvenate your home – so forget overly bright garish colours and patterns and stick to a rustic colour scheme to keep the personality within your home. You can always add a bit more colour through accessories – such as pillows and throws. So think varying shades of browns and creams and pastels such as lilac, pinks and yellows.


5. Update your flooring

Rustic homes are likely to feature hard flooring – perhaps solid oak floorboards. However, over time these can become worn and faded. You may not want to add carpet as this can take away from the rustic feel of your home, but you can bring life back to them without having to do that. You have a few options; you could, of course, fit completely new flooring, perhaps something a bit more modern and up to date that still has a rustic feel. Or you could sand, stain and perhaps paint your existing floor, and even add a few rugs to spruce up the cold wooden boards.  


6. Don’t forget about the garden!
It is easy to forget about the garden and leave it to become messy and overgrown. But it's an extension of your home and therefore is just as important when it comes to rejuvenating the space. Make it an extra room and take the inside out, continuing the rustic feel of your home. Think fairy lights, candles and cosy outdoor seating areas.