7 home improvements you can make this winter to enhance the selling power of your home

Whether you’re hoping for a quick move or simply want to get your property ready for sale in the New Year (or sometime in the future), it’s important to get it looking as good as possible. A few home improvements can not only attract potential buyers but might even add value to the cost of your property, so here are seven things to consider.

<!-Improve your outside space

As the outside of your home is the first thing people will see, improving its curb appeal is a must. You can do this by keeping all areas of lawn well groomed, cleaning your drive with a power hose and perhaps investing in an array of evergreen plants and bright, vibrant flowers from the likes of Ashridge Trees that’ll help your garden to stay attractive all year round.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.      <!--[endif]-->Think about privacy

Even if you live in close proximity to your neighbours, there are things you can do to increase the privacy of your home such as putting up a garden fence with a gated entrance, planting hedgerows at the front of your garden to stop people trespassing or popping trees in strategically positioned places so your house isn’t in full view of every passer-by.

<!-Fit double glazing

Double glazing is great for many reasons as not only does it help block out the cold, it can also prevent noise pollution which is essential if your property backs onto a busy road or you live on a flight path with planes constantly roaring overhead. If you live in a period home, however, try to preserve wooden window frames where possible and avoid putting in plastic as this could negatively affect the selling price of your property.

<!-Install a fast broadband service

Perhaps unsurprisingly, broadband is often considered the fourth utility after electricity gas and water with a fast internet connection deemed more important to house buyers than somewhere decent to park. So, with this in mind, make sure you have a speedy broadband service installed and advertise this as a selling point of your property.

<!-Smarten up

Buyers these days tend to be looking for smart properties that don’t require much maintenance so make sure everything is as tip-top as it can be. This might mean rendering unattractive brickwork or replacing concrete roof tiles with slate. It could also mean doing simple DIY tasks such as painting your front door or varnishing the fence, just to make sure your property stands out from the crowd.

 s  Add a sense of luxury to the bathroom


A sparkling, modern bathroom with luxurious accessories such as a heated floor, heated towel rail, power shower and a glass shower door instead of a horrible-looking curtain can help enhance the selling power of your home, so it’s worth installing these things if you have the chance. Moreover, make sure your bathroom is as clean as possible before a potential viewing as nobody wants to look around a dirty, dusty toilet.

<!-Buy a woodburner

There’s something wonderfully romantic and charming about an open fire, but if you don’t have a traditional log fire, why not invest in a woodburner? These are often easier to maintain and still offer that flickering glow which can be so welcoming on a cold winter’s night. Not only does a fire add wow factor to a property, however, it can also increase the value of a property significantly.


Home improvements don’t have to be tiresome or expensive. In fact, many of them are quite simple and if you do have to spend a bit of money getting your home in top shape, there’s a high chance you’ll get your money back when you sell up.