8 things you MUST do when your tenants move out

Every landlord has to prepare themselves for when their tenant moves on. You need to ensure that your property is ready and looking its best to ensure that you grab the attention of potential new tenants. If you’re not careful, this could feel like a fairly hectic time, with lots to sort in a short timeframe.

To help things go smoothly, here’s eight things you must put on your priority list:

1- Home inspection – Before your tenants move out make sure that you have completed a full inspection of the property with them so if there are any issues with damage you can keep their deposit. If all is to your satisfaction then return all of the deposit in full. If you consider deductions from the deposit are necessary, you must agree these with the tenant. If the tenant disagrees, he / she can raise their dispute with the relevant tenancy deposit protection scheme. Ideally you’d iron these matters out before they escalate.

2 - Clean up – Now your tenants are moving on you need to make sure that your place is looking spick and span. Molly Maid end of tenancy cleaning offers a professional solution to this if your property needs extra attention or you simply don’t have the time to do the work involved.

3 – Dates – Make sure you have confirmed in writing which day and time they are planning on ending their tenancy. This way you can organise your property inspection and begin organising new tenants. Clarity is essential to avoid complications.

4 - Keys – On the day that the tenants move out make sure that you have all of the copies of keys given back to you. Double check that they haven’t taken extra sets before they leave or you might end up needing to change the locks. Some may prefer to do this anyway for piece of mind.

5 - Get a forwarding address – It is always important to find out where your tenants are moving to so that you can forward any information or post over to them in their new home.

6 - Take photos – When carrying out your moving out or in inspection take photos. If you have any damages that require more substantial repair work being carried out then send the photos to trusted contractors or suppliers for quotes on the damage.

7 - Kerb appeal - Most people will make their mind up within a few seconds of entering a property so ensure that those first impressions are good. The garden or driveway is usually the first part of the home that potential tenants will see so spend some time clearing out the bedding plants, pulling out weeds, cutting the hedges and mowing the lawn.

8 – Advertise for new tenants – Whether you advertise locally or nationally it is important to move new clients in as soon as possible. You don’t want to have your property standing empty with no one covering the mortgage payments for too long. Act quickly to avoid this.