A HousePals Area Guide to North London

The first question for any future Housepals housemate to ask themself before they even start looking for their perfect shared accomodation home is of course 'where do I want to live?'

If you can't make up your mind on that one vital question, you're not going to get very far in your search for a housemate, as there are literally thousands of homeshare possibilities out there for you. With that in mind, we've decided to make the decision process that little bit easier by giving you a bit of information on what it's like to share a house or flatshare in some of the most popular areas of the country.

Where better place to start, then, than with the English capital city, London. As London is a huge place with many different areas, each containing a huge variety of homeshare options, it's going to take more than one blog post to take you through the city's top shared accomodation locations. That's why we've split the the capital into three smaller segments and will start by running you through the best that North London has to offer for any potential Housepals flatshare and houseshare tenants.

Willesden Green

Willesden Green is situated in the North West of the city on the largely reliable Jubilee line and has a good network of buses travelling to all areas of the city. This area tends to have large homeshares for around 6 people, with double rooms usually costing around £320-£370 per month.

While the area lacks good shopping facilities, it has a variety of friendly pubs, bars and takeaway restaurants to offer houseshare tenants and is one of the cheaper areas to drink in London, attracting lots of backpackers in the Summer. This does mean the area can get a little rowdy at night, but the charming Gladestone park provides a relaxing place for roommates to escape to during the day.


Kilburn is one of the cheaper areas of London to live in, with homeshare rooms beginning at around £300 per month and a great array of bargain-filled shops and markets as well as the usual high-street stores. There is a large residential community housing a mixture of different nationalities, meaning Housepals from all parts of the world will fit in and can enjoy an impressively varied restaurant scene with food from every culture available. The area has a bit of a gritty reputation but is being developed and does have pretty good bus, train and tube links to other areas of the city.

West Hampstead

This zone 2 area of North-West London is a tad more expensive and upmarket than neighbouring Kilburn, with an average shared accomodation rent price of about £120 per week, but remains fairly grounded and not too snobby. Shoppers will be in heaven with everything from cheaper chain stores to posh boutiques available nearby, with a good range of upmarket restaurants and bars also on hand for a fairly civilised night out.

HousePals homeshare residents are bound to feel safe in West Hempstead and will also enjoy good transport links to other areas with 3 different train stations servicing the area, making it a favourite with young professionals.


Camden town in the centre of North London is well-known as the alternative heart of the city, filled with people from all walks of life with lots of unique and independent fashion stalls and shops for every bizarre wish you could ever have. Camden is usually bustling with people and has a thriving pub, club and live music scene for homeshare tenants to enjoy. With its own tube station and rooms in shared accomodation starting at the £100 per week mark, Camden has fast become a favourite with younger, livelier Housepals housemates.


Once a fairly rough area, Shoreditch has reinvented itself as a hotspot of all things arty and creative, causing rents to rise sharply, but you may still find yourself a bargain if you choose a larger shared accomodation property or share a room. The international, arty community has also brought with it a large host of trendy bars, galleries and restaurants, though cheaper fare is still on offer at nearby Brick Lane curry houses. A number of tube stations and bus routes in the area also means Housepals tenants will find it easy to get around the city when sharing a home in Shoreditch.

With any luck you'll now know which North London shared accomodation location is perfect for you, but if none of these areas take your fancy, come back to the site soon for our Housepals homeshare guides to the rest of the city.