A Housepals Guide to Choosing Where to Live

Many of you might find the title of this blog post a little strange. Surely, you’d say, if you’ve already come to the Housepals site in search of a homeshare or flatshare, you know where you want to live?

Well actually, there’s a whole lot of difference between knowing you want to share a flat in London, for example, and knowing exactly where in London you’d like your new flatshare to be. For many potential Housepals, especially those who are moving to a new city they’ve never lived in before, knowing how to choose which area to look in when searching for homeshare options can be a tricky business.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a series of easy and informative guides on how to decide where you want your new shared accommodation home to be. For the first blog in the series, we’re going to stick to the basics of what factors to consider when comparing different areas of the same city. That means whichever part of the country you’re focusing on in your search for Housepals or homeshares, you’re bound to find this guide pretty handy!

Sadly, one of the very first things to think about when looking for your perfect flatshare location is the cost. While there are a lot of great shared accommodation bargains on the Housepals website, there’s probably no point hoping to find a homeshare in a pricey area, such as the heart of central London, if you only have £70 to spend on rent per week.

Be realistic about what you can afford and your search for shared accommodation is bound to be a lot speedier, but at the same time be sure to read up on local crime statistics and avoid any homeshare areas you wouldn’t feel safe and happy to live in.

Another important factor to bear in mind when choosing a flatshare search area is who your neighbours will be and what kind of people live in the local area. Home-sharing students who like to party hard might want to avoid residential areas that are mainly populated by families or OAPs, for example, while young professionals might want to know there are people of a similar age to meet in the local community.

There are also similar concerns when it comes to the amenities in the area surrounding your new homeshare. If you’ve got to be up early every morning, a club-filled area that’s noisy all night won’t be the best bet for you and your housemates. Similarly, for all you lazy Housepals out there, there isn’t much point living too far away from the Supermarket if you hate walking! Some roommates might even be looking for specialist facilities, such as country-specific food markets or vintage record stores to feed your DJ-ing hobby – only you know what matters most for you in a homeshare location.

A final thing to think about, and one of the most important reasons to choose a certain flatshare location, is the transport links and parking facilities. No-one wants to face a long and expensive commute each morning or walk miles and miles every time they want to visit friends, so a well-connected homeshare is vital if you don’t own a car.

As this blog comes to an end, we hope you now know exactly what to type in the Housepals search box, but if you don’t, look out for the rest of the series where we’ll tell you about the different areas in the UK’s most popular homeshare cities.