How to get your ad noticed

Housepals is pleased to say that our numbers are growing. Each new day brings many more potential tenants, housemates and landlords to our site, so there’s more of an opportunity than ever to find a perfect shared accommodation match.

Landlords will of course be excited about the fact that a huge number of future housemates will be browsing their listing, but be warned, putting your ad out there is only half the work. Without an ad that really stands out to housepals looking for a flatshare or homeshare, your property could get passed by.

Luckily, we at Housepals have had a lot of time to see exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to shared accommodation listings, and we’re willing to pass on what we’ve learnt to you, the landlord.

By far the most important thing we’ve got to say is pictures matter. Humans are very visual creatures and with such a huge list of potential apartment share and houseshare options in front of them, it takes at least one good photos to really get your ad noticed.

What’s more, even the most luxurious, cosy and homely rooms may not grab your potential tenant’s attention unless they are photographed in the right way. It may take a little extra effort, but ensuring the rooms in your homeshare property are shown at their best will make heaps of difference.

Make sure every room in your apartment share or house share has been cleaned to perfection and any excess furniture removed to avoid clutter before you take a photograph. Wait until the room is flooded with natural light and take the photo from just outside the room, perhaps standing on a chair, to show it as fully as possible and not make it look smaller than it really is.

You’re already halfway there towards making sure it’s your rented accommodation that every roommate on Housepals is clamouring to get their hands on. The next step is the actual wording of your ad.

Ringing up potential landlords or visiting each prospective flatshare or houseshare is an extremely time consuming process, so Housepals tenants always want to know as much as they can about a shared property before they even consider it. You should be especially sure to mention any specific features that few other homeshares on Housepals from the surrounding area might offer, such as great views,a refurbished kitchen or a lovely garden.

Other crucial things to mention in the description of your shared accommodation property include information on the utilities included, who the browser’s new Housepals would be and what facilities are provided within the flatshare or houseshare. You might even want to let them know a little about you, as the right landlord can make or break a homeshare deal, but don’t make the text too long as housemates are busy people.

Right, now that’s done, the only thing that’s left to do is make sure you put these Housepals tips for landlords to good use and find yourself some tenants for your shared accommodation property!