Why it pays to be a PriorityPal

One of the main reasons the HousePals site was created was to help everyone out there that can't afford to pay a money-grabbing estate agent to find a homeshare or flatshare for them.

That's exactly why we've kept our service completely free to use, to give students, young people and anyone who just prefers to live in shared accomodation a chance to join the homeshare market, whatever their budget.

Of course, while we see this as one of our major advantages over other houseshare and flatshare finding services, as the number of HousePals members grew and grew, we started to hear some of you asking for a little more.

As we always aim to meet your needs and respond to any issues you may have with our service as quickly as possible, we decided to branch out into a new kind of HousePals service. PriorityPal is the super-charged big brother of the HousePals homeshare membership plan, giving members the unique priviledge of being able to contact potential future housemates or landlords before anyone else.

PriorityPal was made especially for anyone who wants to get in there ahead of the competition and make sure they find the homeshare of their dreams...and don't lose it to another HousePal.

Imagine, for instance, that while browsing the thousands of top-quality, affordable homeshare listings on HousePals, you see a listing for a room for rent in a shared house that you immediately fall in love with. This room is spacious and tidy, with good storage facilities and lots of gorgeous natural sunlight streaming in through the window. It has great views and lovely decor, and what's more, it's being offered at an absolutely bargain price.

You eagerly pick up the phone to get in contact with the Landlord, sure this is the shared accomodation room for you. Unfortunately, someone has beaten you to it, and your homeshare dream seems to be slipping through your fingers.

Finding the best houseshare or flatshare room for your own personal needs can be slightly tricky at the best of times, with so many factors to keep in mind, but disappointments like this can make it a thoroughly unenjoyable process.

This isn't the only way that your ideal homeshare match can escape your grasp either; you might not even get to see a listing for some incredible shared accomodation properties at all, as lucky PriorityPals snap them up before they even get to you.

This could be especially problematic if you're looking to set up a homeshare in a hurry, forcing you to settle for a shared flat that isn't quite right for you with incompatible roommates.

There's no need to panic though, as the PriorityPal service was launched especially to let HousePals flatshare and homeshare hunters like you ensure your shared accomodation aims are met in double quick time. Just sign up today to discover the HousePals room or housemates you really want before anyone else does.