Why using Housepals means a Happier Homeshare

Traditionally, if you had a spare room for rent in your house or apartment, you’d have to take a few photos, write up an advert and submit it to an estate agent or room-finder service where it would be totally out of your hands.

You’d then be forced to wait, sometimes for weeks or months, to hear from potential homeshare tenants who’d noticed your ad before finally being able to set up a meeting. You’d probably find that half the people you met were entirely unsuitable and would never fit in well in your home, wasting your time as well as theirs.

This frustrating process could go on for some time until you finally found a roommate that was right for your shared accommodation property, meaning you could lose out on hundreds of pounds worth of rent while waiting to get things sorted.

Thankfully, Housepals has turned this process on its head and given you, the potential new landlord, the opportunity to go out and find your homeshare tenants for yourselves.

Not only does this mean you cut out all the time spent waiting for new housemates to come to you, it also means you don’t have to go to the trouble of putting together an advert, taking perfect photographs of your rooms and writing eye-catching descriptions.

Our Housepals finder search tool lets you browse all the tenants looking for apartment shares and houseshares in your local area and click for further information on any listing that catches your eye. This means you can find out lots of details about each potential new Housepal at the touch of a button, easily eliminating any unsuitable candidates before you even pick up the phone to contact them.

Criteria covered by our roommate-finder profiles ranges from age and sex to political persuasions, occupation, faith and diet-type. Don’t want to spend your evenings bickering over the current government’s tax policy? Worried about your new roommate accidentally cooking up a meaty communal dinner for your vegetarian household? Stop worrying; with Housepals you can avoid any bad homeshare matches from the very start.

Of course it works the other way too. Male landlords won’t want to accidentally contact female Housepals looking for all-girl apartment shares and there’s no point inviting someone round for a shared flat viewing if they’re going to take one look at your pet moggy and walk straight out the door.

That’s why Housepals also lists information on what each potential new housemate is looking for, including rent category, the age, gender and smoking habits of the other housemates and whether the shared flat or house comes with any pets.

When you combine these two sets of information, you’ll discover that finding your perfect new homeshare tenant is easier than ever with Housepals’ help. Not only that, you’ll also have a happier shared home, full of the kind of people you’d like to spend your time with and not the tenants from hell, all in record time.