Best Family Oriented Places to Buy a House

Many of us who have fond memories of our own childhoods want our children raised in the same way. Of course, in this day and age of tablets, games, and other devices going 24/7, it’s hard to compare. There are places you can live, though, that are better for raising kids than others—and hopefully that involves getting kids’ noses out of their phones and into the world. If you’ve got some flexibility on where to raise your family (and even if you don’t), you’re likely curious as to where these places are. Read below for some of the very best family-oriented places to buy a house and plant some roots. And remember that when you’re ready for the big move, there are home-buying companies like that will help you to sell your house fast so you can buy a home in your new city.

 Madison, Wisconsin

 The state of Wisconsin should not just be known for its cheese, as it is filled with expansive landscapes, gorgeous lakeside towns, and so much more. Sure, it’s cold, but if you can manage that about seven or eight months of the year, this is the state to be. And when it comes to places to live in Wisconsin, it’s hard to beat the college town of Madison. It’s a charming city known for its rise in economic growth, excellent schools, and small town vibe despite its large numbers. The market also continues to trend in favor of single family homes. What more could you ask for? Not much—in other words, say, “Cheese!”

 Overland Park, Kansas

 If you still think of Toto and ruby red slippers when you think of Kansas, you’ve been missing out on what the Jayhawk State has to offer. And while there are many lovely towns great for raising families in Kansas, Overland Park is really tops. With a rural feel and pristine parks yet only a 15-minute drive to downtown Kansas City, this place has it all. And, like Madison, you’ll have to deal with the cold but, once those temperatures turn, watch out—this place goes off like a 4th of July firework.

 It has more than 83 parks and open spaces as well as four small lakes that allow families to fish. The city is also known for its dedication to keeping childhood obesity down, and they put their money where their mouths are with a $36 million Overland Park Soccer Complex. With 12 lit field and a cutting-edge cooling system to keep turf manageable during the hot summer months, it’s no wonder this place is known as a top city for soccer in the U.S. The cost of living is a tad higher than many other cities, but residents will tell you that the quality of life and the excellent school systems make this well worth it.

 Lone Tree, Colorado

 Wanna know a well-kept secret? Colorado has 300 days of sunshine a year—more than California! People always associate this stunning state with snow and, although they do get that, it’s about so much more. It’s about health and outdoors and an incredible quality of life that includes the ideal work-life balance, and this pretty town embodies that. With high school graduation rates at 90 percent and a super low crime rate, it’s hard to find a more idyllic place to raise your kids. And while it has everything that you’d want from a Colorado town—a great view of the mountains and plenty of hiking and biking trails—it’s also only a quick light rail ride into the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver. According to Zillow, Lone Tree’s median list price per square foot is $265, which is a bit higher than Denver metro. The latter is at $248, but it’s hard to put too high a price on a town like this.

 Iowa City, Iowa

 What’s that, you say? Iowa!? Don’t knock this oddly hip Midwestern college town until you try it. With nary a cornfield in sight, this town has a pedestrian mall that runs through it that makes it look like the Boulder of the Midwest. With incredible shops and a lively bar and restaurant scene, it’ll have you saying, “Is this heaven? No, this is Iowa.” But don’t worry, families, you can still get that wholesome Iowa feel, too, by going apple-picking, visiting museums, and hitting the town’s killer farmer’s market. And what’s even better is rated it as the number four most affordable place to live in the U.S. 

 If you’ve got some flexibility in your job, are feeling that familiar itch, and are a powerhouse mover, try out one of these spectacular cities. Trust us when we tell you that you and your family will be all the better for it.