Can Curtain Walling Be Used in Homes?

Curtain Walls are traditionally used in commercial premises. Picture a curtain walls and you likely be imagining some modern offices, or possibly a high-tech engineering firm, but more and more homes are starting to incorporate curtain walling in their design.

Before we get stuck into it, what exactly is curtain walling?

According to standards, curtain walling is: “An external building facade produced with framing made mainly of metal, timber or PVC-U, usually consisting of vertical and horizontal structural members, connected together and anchored to the supporting structure of the building, which provides, by itself or in conjunction with the building construction, all the normal functions of an external wall, but does not contribute to the load bearing characteristics of the building structure.” – Aluminium Trade Supply

So what are the advantages of curtain walling?

There are many advantages to curtain walling, but the main three are as follows - looks, curtain walls simply look impressive from both the outside and inside. They quickly and easily add modernity and grandeur to any building. Cost – due to less materials being used curtain walls can often work out considerably cheaper than their brick counterparts. Light – as well as looking nice, curtain walls let in more natural light which has been proven to increase health and motivation to those who it reaches.

Can They be Used in Homes?

Curtain walls have actually been used in modern apartment buildings for some time. They often span several floors and from the outside look simply staggering, but inside the added light lifts any room.

However, they have also started appearing on individuals homes for much of the same reasons as above. They are modern design statement and add prestige to any home they are installed on. As well as this they maximise any views that the home have the fortune of looking out on.

One of the best features of curtains walls being used on your home is their ability to incorporate other features in, such as sliding or bi-folding doors. If you contact a premium aluminium window and door supplier they will be able to construct you a curtain wall which can also act as an entrance to your home.