Cost Sharing while Flatsharing or Housesharing made easy!

Sharing a flat or house  in all its sense, is a beneficial pact .Two, Sometimes it's better to have someone to live with rather than being the lonesome character in the house. The very purpose of flat or housesharing is to share something more than the place; it is like sharing a bond with your roommate, which involves doing things together, supporting each other in crisis situations, hanging our together on your college or office weekend and so much more than that!  Yes, at times, money acts as a divide between people and such situations are likely to arise if you are involved in a flatshare or houseshare agreement with someone. So, to avoid such confrontations, you need to know how to share costs with your roommates while sharing! Below are few easy points that you can follow to ensure efficiency in sharing costs with your flatmates without any hassles:

1. Calculate the essential costs that are supposed to be incurred by you and your roommates buddies together, every month. These expenses might include the rent to be paid to the house-owner, electricity bill etc.

2. Make note of all the monthly supplies required, for instance, the groceries, beverages, packaged foods, vegetables, fruits etc which are commonly consumed by all your other roommates and calculate the costs involved with those. . Do bear in mind that anything else that is required by the flatshare or houseshare people on an individual basis is their own liability and should not be considered in these common expenses.

3. Now add up the total amounts calculated in Points 1 and 2 to get an estimate of the overall expenses.  Once done, divide the amount with the number of people sharing the flat to calculate everybody's individual share.

4. In case there are any other unplanned major expenses such as buying a Television set or a Speaker System for everyone, those expenses can be shared equally without being included in the monthly calculations.

5. Or else, you can add just few more pounds to the individual share that you would derive in Point 3 every month, to create surplus which results in savings and can be fruitful.

And yes, this is how you can share costs in the flatshare or houseshare  way of living, very easily! Just remember to document everything promptly with attention to details, to avoid any complications, either in a notebook, or in an excel document, whichever is suitable. Dividing costs equally and maintaining the transactions smoothly is an important aspect of the flatsharing system which ought to be complied to for a stronger relationship with your flatmates. The points mentioned in this article, although very common, are indeed critical for all looking to share a property together.