Eight living room ideas for the upmarket home

There is no living room in the world that sometimes couldn’t benefit from a new addition or two, whether comforting, classy or complementary. If you’re struggling to separate the wood (-en chairs) from the trees (-shaped lamps) here are eight ideas to make a big impression.



Your chair set must be sympathetic to the rest of the room, in terms of style, age and material. Art houses, auctions and bijoux stores might be the first port of call, but many online giants allow you to design your set to the nth degree, choosing size, stud, wood and fabric. Check out The Sofa and Chair for an idea of what to expect.



Custom made curtains add a homely feel to what is a practical part of any living room. Fabric is as important as colour and design, and as with sofas the discerning homeowner will be looking at customisation. Printed linens, cottons and pinstripes are lighter alternatives to the heavy, luxurious feel of pure velvet. Consider fabric composition, fire rating and pile when making your choice.


Music system

For real musical power consider investing in a system from heavyweights such as Bose or Bang and Olufsen. Of particular note for those who care as much about aesthetic qualities as sound are the B and O Play family, which can either blend in or stand out. The A9 resembles a surreal satellite dish, boasting a fully integrated digital system perfect for anything from Ellie Goulding to NWA.



UHD prices have fallen recently as the industry catches up with demand, and various broadcasters are now committing themselves to launching channels such as BT Sports. Experts predict that there will be around 300 UHD channels by 2025 across Europe, although those predictions often turn out to be slower than the truth. Get ahead of the curve by investing now.



If you’re in the market for some fine art then you may consider How to Spend It,

and some of the many luxuries promoted there. David Hockney’s Early Drawings collection in Mayfair features a collection of works from Hockney as a student including Swimming Pool, Celia and The Luxor Hotel; many are only on loan, while others can be purchased for £48,000.



Cover your bare floorboards or carpet with a bit of class by buying a good, hard-wearing rug. The Rug Company offers a range of contemporary, vintage and patterned designs from the animalistic python glory and lilac leopard to the audaciously oriental bamboo trellis. Other options include Stark, and its splendid collection of Indian rugs.



There’s a reason that Waterford Crystal has retained its powerful brand stature for decades. Fresh from its 60th anniversary in 2012, the glassware lends itself to classical and contemporary styling. The traditional elliptical upright is complemented by square, cantilever, and laydown designs. Meanwhile the new Rebel collection in plum, amber, blush, pink and purple looks as good on the sideboard as in the kitchen (napkin rings, trays) as on the person (pendants, necklaces).




Lamps can be inauspicious, hidden sources of light or large, show-stopping beacons. Measure the size and consider the effect a blazing beam of white will have on the room before putting your hand in your pocket. Floor lamps are always a talking point if correctly positioned. To make a real statement go with an XXL sized lamp - adjustable and as tall as 250cm or more – to be angled in any position you like. 
Here is an example of how such a light can transform the feel of a room.