Essential Tips for DIY Moving

Essential Tips for DIY Moving

People in the UK move an average total of 8 times in their lifetime according to The Independent. Moving is one of the most stressful transitional periods in one’s life, and executing a successful DIY move isn’t a walk in the park. Fortunately, preparing early and planning ahead can save you from disaster and disappointments. Here are some expert-approved tips to help you experience a smooth DIY move.

Create a Home Inventory

Before you think of packing anything, first document every item in your house. An inventory checklist is one of the most important moving tools. This should be done a month before your actual moving day as you will have enough time to take into account every item. Break down the inventory into parts and document similar items in one category. This approach will help you to evaluate your possession, know what to dispose of, track what you are moving, guide you on the type of moving equipment you will need, and plan your schedule.

Have the Proper Packing Supplies

The average cost of professional packing will cost you £250 according to Handy Moves. By packing your own stuff, you can save much. To get it done right, you need to assemble the proper tools and materials. Boxes are a must-have, and you can find free cartons by asking around at your local store, office building or borrowing from someone who recently moved. Other items you will need include duct tapes, markers bubble wrap and blankets for your fragile items. To prevent the contents of the box from falling out, double tape the bottom securely. For easier unpacking and identification, color-code the boxes by room and use a sticker to list what each one contains.

Find a Moving Van of the Right Size

The moving truck you pick can make or break the outcome of your move. For the safety of your belongings and to avoid making additional trips or leaving some items behind, pick a van that is spacious enough and ensure you can drive it. You will also need to make additional arrangements to drive a truck. Driving without the right insurance can be an expensive mistake. Therefore, you need one that covers your vehicle and your belongings. When packing the van, maximize the space by stacking high and tight, and place heavy items on the bottom.

Gather Your Team

Loading a moving van is backbreaking work that demands a lot of energy. To have an easier time, speed up the process and save money,  enlist close friends and family members. 52,000 workers in the moving industry suffer from work-related illness each year with 53% being musculoskeletal injuries, according to the Health and Safety Executive. To keep everyone safe when loading heavy items, use the right equipment such as dollies, carts, and straps. To avoid disappointment, remember to ask your friends for help in advance so that they can confirm their participation. To show your gratitude, you can provide lunch and refreshments or give thank you cards.

Every person deserves a flawless move. But without the right plan, you may end up having a daunting experience. For the final success of your endeavor, start laying the groundwork early by creating an inventory, assembling the right tools, booking a spacious van and asking your friends for help. With this formula, you are bound to have a fast, safe and cost-effective move.