Flat sharing - why you should

Flat sharing

Here at www.housepals.co.uk we’re going to use this blog post to go over, once again, the reasons why you should think about flat sharing rather than renting say a two-bedroom property (that’s if you can find one to rent in the first place!).
We’ve come up with a number of reasons but we’re sure you can probably add to them too:
Live where you couldn’t afford to buy
First off – you get to live in a lovely area. By that we mean a location you couldn’t normally afford to live in were you renting a whole property or thinking about buying your own home. Imagine living right in the midst of Central London, Edinburgh or some other entertainment-central city centre with amenities galore.
Let someone else worry about repairs and maintenance
This is a biggie really. Whenever the shower refuses to come on or the boiler just sits there motionless instead of heating up water for that bath you’ve been desperate to take since leaving work three hours ago, all you have to do is pick up the telephone and call the landlord. No ringing round for a plumber or electrician at all hours of the day and night for you. And no unexpected bills either!
Reduce your bills
Sharing a flat with four or five others means the Council Tax, internet connection, utility bills and other shared household expenses get divided by the number of flat mates which, in the long run, means paltry little sums and more for you to spend on going out.
Socialise at home
If you’ve moved home because you’re started a new job in a strange city then having flatmates is a great way to boost your non-existent social life (other than going out with work colleagues which isn’t always necessarily a good idea).
Getting a foot hold on the property ladder
Maybe you’re the person who owns the property and is simply looking for a hand to pay off those ever mounting household bills? You might even enjoy sharing your home with a stranger... really. Even the government’s making it easier with their Rent-a-Room Scheme which means you won’t be taxed for any income you receive for renting out a room (unlike renting out an entire property).
To find out more about the Rent-a-Room scheme or to what rooms are available in your chosen location, please don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Housepals tel: 0871 526 6777.