Flatsharing: The Fun Way Of Finding Accommodation in a Big City


It's a familiar tale: a man or woman finds a fantastic job in the heart of the city but since they live on the other side of the country, they’ll need to find accommodation near their workplace. Considering how competitive and flat the London property market presently is, those needing to find accommodation near a workplace in the heart of the city typically have two options. The first is to simply live about an hour away from their workplace, whilst the second entails flatsharing with someone who may be a stranger and living a lot nearer to work by doing so. The latter is the preferred option for many nowadays and it’s understandable why.




The Downfalls Of Living Far Away From Work


Now the main issue with having to commute for over an hour everyday to work is not the fact that such a trip can be extremely tiresome, particularly considering cramped rush hour conditions. It isn’t even due to the hassle of always needing to catch the last train when you’re out drinking with co-workers after work.


The main issue with having to commute for around an hour everyday to work is that it is very expensive. Transport costs can typically reach the £190 mark per month if you live some way away from your workplace and such costs eradicate the idea that living in the heart of the city is more expensive than abiding by the peripheries of London. Just think of that as almost £200 added to your rent fees every month. Over the course of a year that’s around the £2000 mark, which is the cost of a high-end watches-of-switzerland.co.uk timepiece!


Losing Privacy


Now if you’re from a small town in the countryside, you’ll probably be alarmed by the vast amount of people in London. Whether you’re shopping, walking down a busy high street or boarding the tube during rush hour, you’ll soon no doubt feel as if the capital’s a little bit too overcrowded for your liking.


With so many people around at times and so little space to really enjoy to yourself, it can feel as if there isn’t much chance for solitude in the big city when walking around some parts of London.


All this makes the prospect of having to share one’s accommodation with someone else – who may be a stranger – even more of an issue. After all, in such a heavily populated city, our home is the one space we can truly call our own.




Finding Company


On the flipside however, since London is so crowded, it can feel rather intimidating without a partner in crime – or partners in crime – who you’ll get the chance to meet and really bond with through flatsharing.


In fact, the big city can be quite lonely at times, and those without flatmates have to work extra hard just to meet true friends they can rely on for help, comfort and fun.


In such a sense, flatsharing is the best way to enjoy London and even if your prospective flatmate is a stranger – so long as you choose well – you will nevertheless soon bond with him or her through sharing the same living space and thereby find a new close friend to take on the capital with.