Headboards are an important part of the bed design for two reasons: they are practical and can be also used for decorations. They are usually used to support the bed next to the wall. There is a wide range of available designs, ranging from the simple and standard to elaborate and complex types.

The headboard is a key element for the design of the bed. They are generally solid boards made from metal or wood which are higher than the box spring and the mattress. The materials and colours range according to style and overall design of the bed. Wooden headboards are made with detailed woodcarvings which add elegance and style to the room.
The bed is considered by many home designers the central element of the bedroom. However, when a complex headboard with exceptional details is present, it immediately becomes the central point of the room. The other furniture and decorations should be made according to the style and features of the headboard. It is also important to not confuse an elegant headboard with one that seems too crowded and without any style.

Advantages of Having a Headboard
Scientists say that a peaceful sleep can be affected by the absence of something solid behind the bed. People who do not have headboards move more in their sleep and waking up tired. We all know how important is to sleep well in order to have enough energy for our daily activities.
Headboards are also considered a decorative element, consistent with the design of the bedroom.  They can also have shelves which can be used for books or other decorations.
Last but not least, headboards are practical. They can have incorporated drawers or shelves which can be used for keeping things like the remote control, DVDs, glasses, the alarm clock and other stuff which we need during the night or when we wake up in the morning.

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