How industrial materials can be used in your home: 5 interesting interior ideas

When you’re thinking of a theme for your home, there’s no need to conform. Sure, for some people, recreating a basic showroom will do, but others want to test their creativity and do something more innovative with their homes.


One way to do something fresh, modern, quirky and creative with your living space is to embrace an industrial theme. You don’t have to make your house look like the industrial zone from Crystal Maze, but there are many subtle and style ways to bring materials and themes from the world of industry into your interior design.


Here’s how:

Metal frames

Simple but effective: black metal frames for beds, chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture can be a classy part of a minimalist industrial look, going well with glass. Wall Street Journal quoted New York designer Julia Haney-Montanez saying: 'Welders are the new rock stars.' Steel can also be forged into a study and eye-catching stair bannister.


Exposed brickwork

Many people have chosen to tile their kitchens or other rooms in brick effect tiling in recent years, but why not go one step further? It is perfectly possible to strip things right back, expose your brickwork and make a real feature of it. It can set the tone for an effective, rural-effect kitchen or can be a key front room feature wall. It’s an industrial material that many properties will literally have ‘built-in’ making it a cost-effective solution to those wanting an industrial design theme.


Fixtures and fittings

If you’d rather your theme was subtler, then industrial materials can make effective accessories to enhance your existing furniture. Steel door handles or cabinet knobs can be effective ways to build an industrial theme, while lighting through lamps or fittings can borrow inspiration from mechanical workings or use bronze or metallic shades to good effect.


Upcycled materials

Old pieces of industrial equipment can be reborn as furniture with a little imagination. Bits of old cars or even airplanes have been reborn as tables, mirrors or seating for the home. These can make interesting talking point showpiece elements for any room. Clearly you won’t just be able to rip a door off your old runaround and you won’t have the benefit of a blast room to strip back the paint and prepare the surface of a piece of equipment. But these can be bought ready-made and, with the right equipment, can be a good project for the DIY-savvy person with a passion for a project.


Do look down

The look of no room is complete without the right flooring. Stone flooring can complement an industrial look quite nicely but most people opt for a wooden surface underfoot. Make sure you use the real deal – not something that pretends to be wood – and use it to match furniture, worktops or decorations for a consistent theme.




Use metal, wood and industrial equipment throughout the house to built a unique, stylish and creative look for your home.