How to create soft minimalism for your bedroom

Minimalism - a popular recent trend for those who are seeking simple and less cluttered surroundings. It’s all about doing more with less and simplifying your life – so where better to start than your bedroom? The perfect and complete minimal bedroom focuses on what you can take away rather than what you can add, removing all the excess and keeping only what is necessary and useful.



Take a look at our top tips for a minimal bedroom.


Remove clutter

This really does go without saying. Removing all unwanted and unneeded clutter is the first essential step you need to take. The less clutter, the less stress you have mentally and visually. Don’t be afraid to throw things away, you have to be brutal if you want the best relaxing space.


Simple bed frame

Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom. A minimalist bedframe is critical as it will set the entire tone for your room so only focus on platform beds, other low-profile frames or, a simple mattress without a headboard. Divan Beds Centre have all these styles and much more to choose from, so go and check them out and take that first step towards your minimal bedroom.


Choose a neutral colour scheme

You should restrict your colour palette to just two colours. Usually the walls would be white but other neutral colours will also work really well – try grey, for example, if white isn’t your colour.


Having a wooden floor or an accent wall will add that little bit of warmth to your room and you won’t lose that minimal feel. This includes neutral bed sheets. In fact, just buy everything neutral!



A more visual space needs light so open a window – remove curtains and blinds. If you don’t like the idea of bare windows then go for wooden blinds or solid curtains. Homebase have a huge range to suit anyone’s style.



A plant placed in the correct space in a minimalist bedroom can have a huge effect and add a little bit of a fun, earthy touch to your room. As featured on there are always ways to bring plants into a design making it as equal as other accessories in your room.


Remove excess furniture

Use just one shelf for your chosen mementos, photos and books. But pick just one shelf only and stick to it or your bedroom will start getting cluttered.


Limit wall hangings

Pick just one of your favourite wall hangings if you can’t do that that try and stick to monochrome frames, this way it will look less busy. Art pieces add pop up colour for those who hate sticking to that neutral tone.


Creating a minimalist bedroom really doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, you can create it all very simply in absolutely no time at all. Take a look at this Hannah in the House blog for some minimalism inspiration.



So, go ahead and try it out and let your life delve into the theory that 'less is more'.