How To Create The Ultimate Home Office


Working from home has both pros and cons, but for the nearly two-thirds of businesses in the UK that are run from the personal home office, it can be hard to know if your workplace is truly fit for the purpose. There are an estimated 59% of UK businesses that are run from residential addresses and with more and more people finding ways to escape the daily grind of the commute and the inherent flaws in the office environment, the need to make that perfect home/work balance can be challenging. It might be tempting to imagine working in your pyjamas and working without the boss leaning over your shoulder, but if you want your working day to be much more productive, here’s how to create the ultimate home workspace.


The office location


Estate agents are all about location, but you should also give it some consideration when you’re deciding on just where to place your home office. If you share your home with family, then you’re going to want to keep your office as far as away from distraction as possible. For some, this will mean converting a spare room, garage, or attic, and for others, it may even mean having a custom-built space in the garden. Ideally, you want your home office to be as close to your home router as possible. Otherwise, you’re going to need to invest in signal boosters since much of your workload will be managed via the internet. Make sure that you have plenty of natural light, and consider adding some plants to help boost productivity and mood.


Designing the best set-up


How you set your office up will be very dependant on your business needs and your own personal preferences. Even when it comes to desks and chairs, there is a huge range of options that you can decide on. Home office spaces are obviously going to mean some limitation on available space, so it’s important that you make the most of what you have. If you’re converting a room or making a new build in the garden, it’s worth investing in one of the better UK container modules from Advanced Diesel Engineering that can help you to reduce noise distractions as well as free up as much interior space as possible. For those homes that make use of a generator, a dedicated enclosure will be essential. Organising your storage is going to be vital if you want to make the best office space.


Choosing the best tech


Unless your business is unique, the chances are that you’re going to need the basic essentials when it comes to choosing the right technology in your office. Desktop computers and laptops will largely depend on your personal preferences, and your phone is your lifeline to communicating with other employees, customers, and your suppliers. The key questions to ask yourself primarily revolve around what you do and don’t need, and making decisions about whether that printer or photocopier is essential should be your first step. Some tech may feel obligatory, but you should ask yourself if you really need it or whether it’s simply something that you feel belongs in an office. Often, you can do without much of the clutter that you’ll find in the average office space.


Working from home has many benefits, and is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re making the decision to become a satellite worker, or you’re setting up your home business, then having the right work environment will increase your productivity and keep your motivation consistent.