How to Give Your Patio a New Lease of Life

Summer is almost upon us, and if you’re lucky enough to own a patio you might be thinking about throwing a BBQ party, or relaxing outdoors with a cup of tea and the Sunday paper. However, unless you clean off winter’s grime and make it somewhere pleasant to spend time in, you’re not going to make the most of the space you’ve got. So, give your patio a new lease of life and make the most of it this summer with these top tips!


Pressure wash it

First, you need to get rid of autumn and winter’s dirt. Mother nature will have thrown quite a lot at your patio over the last few months, so take advantage of the spring weather while you have sunshine and get the pressure washer out! A jet washer will get rid of stains and discolouration making your patio look good as new! Check out this helpful guide from Homebase on using a jet washer.


Adorn it with greenery and flowers
The next most effective thing you can is to breathe some life into your patio area, so position plant pots bursting with blooms from retailers like Bakker. If a uniform, themed approach is your kind of thing, stick to a colour palette: pinks and purples will make your outdoor space feel fresh and feminine, or opt for canary yellow flowers to inject vibrancy and joy into your patio! Or, scrap the ultra-designed approach and fill your backyard with flowers of all different shapes, sizes and hues: buzzing bumblebees and the scent of pollen in the morning is sure to make your patio feel like a haven.


Create a relaxation area

While your garden is open for all kinds of purposes - growing vegetables, kicking a football around or hanging up the washing - your patio is supposed to serve a very specific purpose. Typically, a patio is an area reserved for dining, entertaining or relaxing, making it an extension of your indoor living space. Therefore, you need to add furniture to your patio such as tables, chairs, cushions, blankets and even rugs. Check out Apartment Therapy’s coverage of this colourful Californian patio for inspiration!


Add a fire pit
Fire has a hypnotic hold over us – whether we’re lighting the logs in our living room or huddling around the camp fire, an open flame creates a focal point for your home. Consider installing a fire pit or clay chimenea in your patio area: it will keep you warm and toasty on cooler summer evenings as you listen to the wood crackle, and if nothing else, it will provide you with the perfect excuse for breaking into a bag of marshmallows!


Install ambient lighting


A final but important aspect of redecorating and renovating any area is lighting. Why not wind a length of fairy lights around the walls and fences in your patio area to create a pretty glow? You could also consider installing outdoor lighting built into the patio such as stainless steel uplights, as well as adding soft, ambient scented tea light candles to keep the bugs at bay.