How to Live in Harmony with Your Roommates

Living with roommates is a great way to cut down on household bills and chores, whilst ensuring you have plenty of company at home. It’s also imperative for students who cannot afford to live on their own when at university. However, different personalities can naturally lead to unwanted tension.      Fortunately, you can avoid conflict by simply learning how to live in harmony with your roommates.

Communication is Key

Your housemate is not a mind reader, and neither are you. For this reason, you must develop an open-door policy, so you can both communicate your feelings to one another. The last thing you will want is for your roommate to resent you all week for finishing the milk and not replacing it. So, talk to each other as adults to prevent unnecessary tension or conflict. By speaking to one another, solutions can also be found, stopping any upset before it turns catatonic.

Give Each Other Space

You might be living together, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking minute with one another. It’s important to give each other some breathing room inside the home, so you can each relax, de-stress and enjoy a little quiet time if needed. So, don’t hog the TV in the living room, and give each other a little space by going to your bedroom to use your computer, read a book or play a Unibet live casino game. Focus on spending quality time together to enjoy a healthier relationship.

Discuss the Products You Want to Share

There will be some foods you will want to keep for yourself and others you might happily share with your housemates. It is, therefore, something you should discuss on the first day of moving in together. For example, you might be happy to share the bread, milk, butter and condiments, but would like to keep a pack of biscuits, crisps, cooked meat or fruit to yourself. The general rule should be that unless it is stated, everyone buys and eats their own food.

Establish Ground Rules

Of course, there might be times when a roommate is a little peckish and feels like one of your snacks. Or there might be many chores in the house that need to be divided. Establish ground rules within your first week of moving in to avoid arguments. For example, make it a rule that a roommate asks a person if they can have some of their food rather than helping themselves. Or not to disturb a housemate if their door is closed, etc.

Take the High Road

There are bound to be times when a roommate frustrates you, and vice versa. However, don’t gossip about the person to the flatmates or take to social media to make passive aggressive comments. Learn to take the high road when you feel annoyed, and remember that everyone is different. This will prevent petty arguments from affecting your relationships and the atmosphere within the home.

Respect Each Other’s Finances


Money problems can be a major cause of roommate disagreements. It is, however, important to respect everyone’s boundaries. It is not up to one person to pay the rent because they have a better salary. Everyone must pay their way to live in harmony. It might, therefore, be beneficial to introduce a payment calendar in the communal space to detail how much money everyone owes each month, so there are no financial disagreements down the road.