How to Look After Your Boiler

Looking after your boiler may not be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning, and it may not be a particularly interesting job for you. But once you think about the problems you would have if your boiler broke down in the middle of winter, you start to realise how much you rely on this piece of equipment.

Boiler breakdowns are never welcome but you can avoid some of these problems simply by taking some steps to take care of your boiler. A little preventative maintenance can stop problems developing and causing more serious boiler issues. Here are some tips for how to look after your boiler on a regular basis so you avoid emergency boilder repair situations.

 Make Sure You Lag Your Pipes

Lagging your pipes is not a big job and it doesn’t cost much money. Once pipes are lagged you are more likely to suffer a problem-free winter. You can buy ready-formed pipe lagging that will fit over existing pipes and make your heating system safer and more efficient.

Manage Your On and Off

Your boiler does not need to be on all year round – in fact, this is a very inefficient way to manage your heating and water needs. In the summer you can switch the boiler to hot water only. But to prepare for when the weather starts getting colder make sure you turn the boiler on for a short time – around 15 minutes a day – every month during the summer months. You save money and you also reduce the risk that your boiler will run into start-up problems when you need it on all the time.

Manage the Pressure

If you have your boiler operating at the wrong pressure it is not going to work very well. Make sure that you know the right pressure for your boiler, and check that you adjust it if the pressure is too low or too high.


Keep Up Your Services

A boiler that is regularly serviced will work more efficiently and work for longer than a boiler that does not have regular checks. You need to get your boiler checked for safety as well as efficiency. You will save money in the long term on your heating bills with a more efficient boiler, and you can also be surer that your boiler will not break down without warning. Make sure that you use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to carry out the checks on your boiler. They will also be able to make repairs to prolong the life of the boiler.

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