How To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom: Storage Hacks From The Experts

Finding storage within the bathroom can be tricky at the best of times, but what do you do when there is little room to move between the toilet, sink and bath? There are plenty of items you need to keep in this room, from toiletries and towels to toilet roll and toothpaste. However, finding space for it all can be difficult.


But, help is at hand! Before you send everything off to Heathrow RSS for storage, there are actually ways to find it within the smallest of bathrooms. Plus, storage may be the ideal place to keep furniture, but it probably isn’t the best place for toiletries.  


So here are a few storage hacks from the experts that will help you to make the most out of your bathroom!


Martha Stewart suggests making use of the dead space above the door by placing a shelf there. Obviously don’t put items here that you need to use everyday – but it is a good space for storing supplies ready for when they need to be replenished. This could be towels, toilet rolls, soaps or shampoos – use baskets to keep everything clean and dust free.


Likewise a shelf placed underneath the mirror, above the sink, provides a place for toothbrushes and soap, since the space around the sink is limited. Instead of just a mirror, try a mirror on a medicine cabinet, which will provide plenty of hidden space for essential toiletries.


Martha also suggests hanging towel bars on the back of the door – which is the perfect way to make efficient use of wasted space.


Good Housekeeping suggests using ladders to gain that much needed space in your small bathroom. Firstly when shelving gets narrow towards the top it lightens both the look and feel of a room. It is also an easy and pretty way to add extra shelf space. They also suggest using a cake stand for products, as this will give you two layers on which to store toiletries rather than just one.


How about a wooden crate turned on its side to add a rustic feel to the room, which will provide both space within it as well as a shelf space on top? Or a magnetic strip on the wall for those tweezers and nail clippers.


They also suggest framing several layers of shelving to make it a pretty focal point, rather than just another shelf. Hang hooks under your shelving and make use of the empty wall space – here you could hang accessories or towels, for example.


Several bloggers have also offered their tips and examples of storage that have worked for them – including bydawnnicole who suggests adding an extra shower rod above the bath from which you can hang shampoos, shower gels and other bathroom accessories. You could even secure baskets to the rod, which will enable you to hang up even more including kids toys, for example – opt for ones with holes, so the water can drain through. Suite Revival suggests using spice racks for storing all your products from hair sprays to perfumes and deodorant.


Implement a few of these storage hacks and you may find your bathroom suddenly seems much bigger than it was.