How to Quickly & Easily Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most gruelling household chores you can undertake – and it’s probably one task many roommates will try to avoid. However, it doesn’t need to fill you with dread. If you want to make the housework process a doddle, it's time to learn how to clean your bathroom quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.

Cleaning the Bathroom Grout

Do you struggle to tackle discoloured grout? It is pretty easy to clean once you know how. All you need to do is dip a grout brush into undiluted bleach and scrub away any discoloured areas across the bathroom. Once you have done so, rinse away the bleach and ventilate the room well. Always try to remove discolouration from your grout, as the absorbent material can be a haven for bacterial growth.

Install a Sliding Shower Door

Let’s face it; shower curtains are grimy and unpleasant to the touch. Not only that, but they are notoriously difficult to clean, which is why many people avoid cleaning them altogether. If you’re putting off cleaning the shower curtains but want to enjoy a clean, hygienic bathroom, you would be wise to install a sliding shower door.

The hinged glass doors are incredibly easy to clean after you have enjoyed a shower, so can slash the cleaning time in your bathroom. There are many advantages of a sliding shower door, but one of the biggest is its stylish appearance that is easy to maintain. Simply use a glass cleaner to create a bathroom that sparkles.

Tackling the Toilet

Are you struggling to maintain a clean toilet when living with flatmates? Here is one simple trick that can change your bathroom cleaning routine. Just pour one cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for a few minutes before brushing and flushing. Your toilet will appear as good as new.

Scouring the Sink

Are you aware that the sink’s drain houses the most bacteria in the bathroom? In fact, there is reportedly as much bacteria in the sink as there is on a cutting board that is used to slice raw meat. Thankfully, it’s simple to clean, and you can do so with everyday items. Simply grab some baking soda and white vinegar, which you should pour down the drain before flushing it away with hot water.

Routinely Change the Bathroom Towels

Hand towels are a must-have item within the bathroom, but they can also collect bacteria over time. You must replace them with clean towels every three to four days and wash them on a sanitising setting in your washing machine if it has one. Don’t forget to clean the towel bar after changing the hand towels, too, as it can also collect bacteria.

Remove Dust from the Ventilation Fan

The ventilation fan is a much-loved feature in the bathroom, as it can quickly and easily eliminate steam after a hot shower or bath, but they can also accumulate much dust and debris over time, which can impact the air quality inside the room. Fortunately, they are easy to clean. All you need to do is remove the cover and soak it in warm, soapy water. You should then use the vacuum nozzle to clean any dust or debris from the fan blades, before wiping it with a damp cloth. Once dry, reapply the ventilation cover.

Efficiently Sweep and Mop the Floor

Always start sweeping and mopping the bathroom from the farthest point from the door. After you have swept away dust and debris, you should use hot, soap bleach water to mop the floor. Once you have done so, you should rinse the floor with clean water to eliminate soap residue. Always mop around the bathroom furniture, which can be a haven for bacteria, and don’t forget to clear the baseboards, which can quickly accumulate dust.

Thoroughly Clean Taps

Dirt can quickly add up in the bathroom when living with roommates. With many people touching the taps in the bathroom, you must aim to deep clean them at least once a week. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Just grab an old toothbrush and wash it thoroughly before applying a small amount of bleach onto the bristles. You should then scrub the taps and on the hard-to-reach, narrow areas to create a hygienic bathroom for both you and your roommates.

Remove Clutter from Your Bathroom

It’s essential to maintain a clutter-free bathroom space when living with others. Not only is clutter unsightly, but dirty clothes can be an unhygienic addition to the bathroom. So, ensure everyone places their clothing in the hamper, keeps their toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder, and all personal items are stored in the vanity unit so that you can maintain a clean and tidy space.

Buy an All-Purpose Cleaner

Everyone should have an all-purpose cleaner in the cupboard. That’s because the handy spray can efficiently clean all sinks, faucets, showers, baths, baseboards, towel racks, and countertops. Once you have sprayed on the solution, simply wipe it away with a clean cloth for a squeaky-clean bathroom. It’s a flexible cleaning product that should be both yours and your roommates’ go-to cleaning product for the bathroom.

Create a Streak-Free Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are exposed to much steam and dust each day, so you shouldn’t forget to give it a good scrub when deep cleaning your bathroom. It’s an easy household item to clean, as you only need to spray a glass cleaner onto the mirror before wiping it away with a lint-free cloth, which will create a streak-free shine.

Use an Air Freshener

No-one enjoys the overpowering smell of bleach in the bathroom. Make the room smell as fresh as a daisy by spraying a beautifully-scented air freshener, which can eliminate the smell of bleaches, sprays and floor cleaners so that it can create an inviting scent for both you and your roommates.

You can guarantee you’ll be firmly in your roommates’ good books if you follow all the above top tips.