London, a great place for young professionals

London is a fantastic place for young professionals to live and work. It's home to people from all over the world along with vibrant nightlife, beautiful scenery, some of the top companies to work for and great travel and accessibility links. If you're looking for a great city to live in where you can have a good time, meet new people and kick off your career this is the place.

Being the fast paced city that it is, London constantly has people coming and going, moving from place to place and new housing is always being built. This is great for you if you are interested in flatsharing, you will always find people around London looking for people to flatshare with. There are lots of websites dedicated to flatsharing in London so you'll have a huge range of choices!

In London you'll find people from many different cultures and backgrounds, it's what makes London so cool. If you're flatsharing in London, you'll most likely get to flatshare with young professionals from other parts of the world which can be a great experience.

You and your flatshare pals can get to know each other by having a good time in many of the countless bars, pubs, nightclubs or venues in London. There are a whole range of places to suit your tastes and budget, from hip exclusive lounges in Shoreditch to bustling nightclubs in the West End.

London Parks
Partying not your thing? Well you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in London's royal parks. Hyde park located in West London is one of the largest and most popular. The park is beautifully cultivated and is separated into two sections by a big snake shaped lake named the Serpentine. London has eight other royal parks, so if you're flatsharing in a different part of London find out where your local park is. The royal parks are kept clean and beautiful for the public to serve as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, a place where you can run around or just relax.

Top Businesses
Working in London is like a paradise for professionals. It's home to offices for many international companies as well as UK businesses. Again, being the fast paced city that it is, people are always in and out. Job openings are always available and London is a great place to make business links. For example, you could be flatsharing with other professionals who are very influential in their own company. 

Getting around in London couldn't be easier, no worries if you or your flatshare mates don't drive. It's not necessary in London. There is an abundance of travel methods such as bus, tram, train, taxi and much more. Flatsharing in the UK couldn't be better anywhere other than London when it comes to accessibility. If you want to get out of the city, or even the country, getting to international stations and airports is nice and simple.