Selling your Property with Appropriate Staging

If you have been in your home for years then it is likely that you have put your own stamp on the property and are comfortable with the décor. There is of course nothing wrong with this but if you are trying to sell your property you need to consider those who will looking to buy it. Is the property to everyone’s taste? Do you have a lot of furniture? Are there repairs that need to take place? These are questions that you need to ask yourself because when someone moves in they are going to want something that doesn’t require too much work, especially if you are looking for tenants for a rental property. It is unlikely that they will be allowed to make too many changes to the property so making it appealing and liveable is essential. The best way to do this is to try and dissociate yourself with the property. Soon it will no longer be yours so getting into this mind frame early on is important. Look at it as something that needs to be sold and think about what you need to do to get it sold. At PropertyQuoteDirect they have come up with a few tips to help your sell your property or attract new tenants. 


A clean home is definitely going to sell a lot quicker than a home that might have some dust lurking around. You want it to appear new to potential buyers as they don’t necessarily want to think of others having used the bathroom and kitchen, making it as shiny as possible is important. Things like emptying bins is a little touch that might just make a difference. People are nosey and if they can get away with looking in every cupboard and draw then they will. A fridge full of half eaten dishes is not the way to attract new buyers. Some of the things that should be cleaned before a viewing apart from the obvious are: windows and frames inside and out, the pathway or driveway, door handle’s taps and mirrors, new towels in bathrooms and kitchens, fresh bedding and of course a sparkling bathroom and kitchen.


Each room needs to have a purpose so leave enough furniture in it for the purpose to be understood. If there isn’t a room that is clearly shown as a dining room then the buyer will instantly assume there isn’t enough room for one, even if you have two reception rooms. If you have three bedrooms, make sure they are shown as bedrooms and not two bedrooms and a gym for example. Also if you have a garage it is important to clear it out and show how big it is rather than just having it filled with all your boxes. Rent out some storage space if you need some extra room for your belongings. Everything that doesn’t need to be in the house shouldn’t be, so if you are storing it somewhere within the property this is creating clutter.


A room that has been cared for and thought about with a few accessories can really improve a room’s look and feel. Choose a colour for the accessories in each room but ensure that you don’t overdo it. You should use throws, cushions, vases and candles with a variety of textures and shapes to create some interest. These accessories are what takes the home to the staging level. You want it to look like someone can live in it but that you haven’t lived in it. 

Overall, staging your home and showing a potential buyer that they can live there is what is most important at this stage in the selling process. You need to let go of your attachment to the property and really think about what buyers want from your home.