Six Ways To Make Your Rental Property Feel More Like Your Own Home

Moving is exciting because you get to relocate, but it can also be stressful and a burden if you’re not prepared. Plan ahead and then look forward to making your rental property feel more like a home.

Be glad to know there are a lot of options out there for you that will quickly transform your space and make it feel cosier. Stop dwelling on the fact that you don’t own a house and put your time and energy into creating a place to live that suits you and showcases your personal style. Have fun with this project and use it as a chance to learn more about interior design and decorating.

Take the Time to Decorate

What you should do immediately is set aside enough time to decorate and get your place in order. Don’t wait or you may find you never get around to it. If there are hooks available and already on the walls, hang photos of your family and friends, and display colourful artwork. You can also include several plants throughout the various rooms. Also, lay area rugs to add comfort and texture to your floors and pay attention to the lighting in each room. Add lamps, candles and replace any old light fixtures with a more updated look. Decorating your place will instantly make your rental property feel more like a home and bring you some extra comfort as you try to adapt to your new space. Be strategic and don’t simply place out all the items you own or you’ll make it look too busy.

Focus on What You Do Have Control Over

It’s a good idea to stay focused on what you can control in this situation and not try to make any major changes since the landlord likely won’t go for it. For example, read more here about how you can go green and make your place more eco-friendly. You do this by conserving water, choosing environmentally-friendly light bulbs and using less paper, and keep in mind there are many other ways to go green in addition to these suggestions. Take control of how you manage your home by understanding what you can change and try not to worry too much about the bigger ticket items. You not only have the choice to live a greener lifestyle, but you can also include and arrange furnishings that appeal to you. See if you can borrow furniture from others or head to a local shop to support the small businesses in your area.

Ask if You Can Paint

One project that will be easy enough for you to do and make a huge difference in the way your rental looks is if you apply a fresh coat of paint. Consider adding accent walls or stripes for a different look and feel. Remember to ask and get approval from the landlord before you move forward because you don’t want to have to pay for any damages when you move out. Another idea is to work together on this project and pick out paint colours you both agree to. He or she may prefer you hire and pay for a contractor to do the job versus you doing it yourself, so also discuss this aspect if you’re seriously considering all new paint. If you can’t paint, then think about adding temporary wallpaper or a backsplash to your space. Similarly, you could prop up coloured boards, or pinboards, to have a pop of colour.

Plant A Garden

Make your rental property feel more like your home by having an herb garden indoors or planting a vegetable garden outdoors. Gardens are a beautiful touch, and you’ll get to see your hard work come to life right before your eyes. Both options will give you a fun hobby to attend to in your free time and bring a little life to your space. It’s just as important to pay attention to what’s going on outside as it is to the interior. It’ll be fun to grow your own food and herbs and be able to cook with the ingredients in your kitchen. Overseeing a garden is a relaxing way to spend your nights and weekends when you’re not working. It’s a great project for anyone looking to make their property feel homier.

Declutter & Have Smart Storage Options

Make your place look nice and feel like your own by decluttering and getting organised. One way to do this is by having smart storage options in your place, such as furniture that also holds your belongings and bins that are neatly labelled and stacked. Avoid leaving your items and clothes scattered around the place and creating a messy environment to live. You’ll feel better about renting and will enjoy your space more when it’s tidy and clean. Come up with a regular cleaning schedule to keep yourself on track, so you don’t get behind or forget to pick up and dust once in a while. It’s also a good idea to not move in and leave your belongings in boxes that are only causing more clutter. Help yourself declutter by unpacking and putting away all you own right from the start. 

Meet Your Neighbours & Get Involved in Your Community

Your place is going to feel more like a home when you’re active in your community and go out of your way to meet your neighbours. It’s worth the effort, especially if you’ll be there for some time. It’ll be nice to go to coffee with a friend in the area in your downtime or have someone to call when you need to borrow sugar. Also, volunteering and finding a cause you want to dedicate your time to is another great way to get more involved in your community and meet others. The less isolated you feel, the more you’ll enjoy where you’re living, and you may find that renting isn’t so bad after all.


Renting is always a good option, and it’s even more rewarding when you take the time to care for your property. Use these tips to allow you to make your rental space feel more like a home and find that you’re happier when you do so as well. All it takes to create a homier place is a little extra effort on your part and a positive attitude.