Student flatshare: How to survive

When you leave home and go off to university or college it’s a very exciting time, but moving out on your own can also present a few problems that can easily be avoided if approached in the right way. Follow these tips on how to survive your first year in a student flatshare.

If you’re planning to live with strangers then ensure you know exactly how to go about things before you’ve moved in. That way you can avoid unnecessary stress and make sure that the time you spend in your new home is relaxed and pleasant. 

Establish the rules 

Often when sharing a student flat or house, you’ll be moving in with complete strangers. This means you won’t know anything about how the other people you share with want to live. It’s a good idea to suggest a house meeting straight away to establish some rules about what behaviour you expect from them and what they can expect from you. 

The most important part of any successful flatshare is that housemates respect each other’s wishes, but if no one knows what those wishes are then you won’t be able to blame anyone for not respecting them. Successfully communication can do wonders and inform how well everyone gets along in shared accommodation. 

Make a rota 

You might be accused of taking the fun out of things by suggesting a rota but it really is the best and easiest way to make sure that you and all your housemates are on the same page. Everyone should be responsible for their own rooms but when it comes to shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, without a rota it can be very difficult to keep track of who should be doing what and that’s when arguments can start. 

You may need to break down exactly what is involved in cleaning as some people will arrive at university without really knowing how to dust, vacuum or clean a bathroom properly. Make sure everyone knows exactly what they need to do to avoid any problems. 

Focus on security 

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that student flatshares are often a target for burglars. That’s because there can be several adults living in one space which means several TVs, several laptops and several other items of value like MP3 players, phones and tablets. In addition to this, because there can be several people living in one space, it can be hard to make sure that the home is kept secure at all times. 

Make sure your flatmates understand just how important security is and if you think it is necessary place notices on doors and windows to remind your flatmates to lock up when they arrive and leave.