The Best Ways to Make Your House a Home

How you design your home will determine how much time you want to spend there. Regardless of the size of your property, there are multiple ways you can improve your house or flat to ensure it reflects your personality and style. Follow the best ways to make your house a home.

Change Your Flooring

Your home’s flooring can unite your space whilst improving the comfort and flow from room to room. For instance, carpets and rugs can feel luxurious underneath your feet, and they can also improve sound insultation within a room. Moving into a new home with no flooring can make a space feel empty, as your steps will echo across the home. The introduction of textiles can, therefore, add warmth and a sense of homeliness into your home. You should also incorporate carpets or rugs that reflect your personal taste. Visit here to find the best flooring options for your home.

Choose the Right Colours

Most people are inclined to use certain colours over others, as they will know what hues reflect their personality and make them feel happy. You should therefore think about the colours you would like to incorporate across your home, before identifying the best options for the atmosphere you want to create within each room. Create a sense of flow by choosing no more than two of three colours, which should be scattered throughout your property. This will help you to create a beautiful home you are proud to call your own.

Focus on Function with Storage

Many people make the big mistake of focusing primarily on their home’s aesthetics and not its functionality. Yet the two often go hand-in-hand when creating a beautiful property. Storage can help decrease clutter across the home whilst complementing your interior design. For example, a bookcase can become a focal point within a room, but it can also provide a handy space to store books, decorative accessories and keepsakes. You can also declutter a space with storage containers, baskets and more. This will ensure every item will have its place within a room.

Incorporate Beautiful Artwork

Artwork can accurately reflect your personality and style. For this reason, it can capture the attention of your guests and can complement your interior design. Not only can you hang beautiful, unique and colourful paintings or images onto your wall, but you can also transform your property by introducing sculptures or objects into different areas across the home. Always incorporate works of art that are special to you, which will make your home’s design come to life.

Layer Your Textiles

Create a relaxing space by layering your interior design with soft textures, which will make it feel as homely as a cosy cabin. Think white bed linen complemented with a chunky knit blanket and patterned cushions, which can transform a bare bedroom into a snuggly hideaway within your property.

Add a Little Warmth

Make your house a home by adding warmth into your interior design. It can help you create a comfortable, homely space that will be the envy of your guests. To do so, simply aim to incorporate luxurious throw blankets, plush rugs and comfortable seating, which will allow you to relax in both comfort and style after a busy day at work.

Make Your Rooms Practical

As stated, function is just as important as interior style when making a house feel more like a home. You should therefore create a practical space that will allow you to cook with ease within your kitchen; for example, you should stylishly display your utensils and appliances, so they will highlight your home’s style whilst helping you to move with ease across the kitchen.

Pick the Perfect Lighting

The lighting you choose can determine the atmosphere within the home. If you want to make your home feel warm and cosy, you should pick the perfect lights to highlight your décor, rather than detracting from it. For example, you should avoid bright white or blue-tinted lights, which can appear cold and clinical. Instead, you should opt for a softer glow to create the perfect ambience. Just like you would with your home’s textiles, you should also layer your lighting to create the right setting, for example, you could incorporate a pendant light, candles and possibly even fairy lights to create a warm environment that will welcome you home.

Hang an Oversized Mirror

Hanging an oversized mirror can transform space within your home, as it can reflect the natural lighting, Simply hang a large mirror on the wall or lean one against a mantel, which can make your room appear much bigger than it is. It can therefore offer an illusion of a larger space, which will make your home feel more comfortable and airy.

Bring the Outside In

Increase airflow and add colour into a room by bringing the outside in. For example, freshly cut flowers or houseplants will add vibrancy and personality into the space, whilst injecting oxygen into a room, which can create an airy, fresh environment for both you and your guests. What’s more, plants have been proven to lift people’s mood<!--[if !supportNestedAnchors]--><!--[endif]--> and decrease stress levels, so they are a great addition to any home. You can also add other natural elements into your interior design, such as river rocks or pine cones, which you can display on a tray, platter or a large glass bowl.

Showcase Your Hobbies

Put your personal stamp on your home by incorporating your hobbies into your interior décor. For instance, display your trophies, family photographs or figurines on a shelf in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. You could even have your favourite guitar on display or could incorporate your arts and crafts into your home’s design. It will inject some personality into your space, which will make you feel right at home.

Do you have any interior design advice on how to make a house a home? Share your home style tips by writing a comment below.