Things to Consider Before Renting a "Family Friendly" Apartment

If you’re moving home with kids, you need to put a lot of thought into the property you choose. Not only do you have to choose the area carefully to make sure it’s a decent school zone, it’s also a good idea to make sure that there are plenty of other kids in the neighbourhood and above all that the property is safe. No matter how ‘family friendly’ an apartment may be advertised as, it’s always worth taking a number of things into consideration before you move to ensure that everyone’s happy and secure.

Window Safety

If you’re moving onto the twentieth floor of an apartment block, the last thing you need is windows which little ones can crawl through and fall out of. Making sure that windows have child safety locks installed on them is essential. Electric window opening devices are also a good idea as you can use them to make sure that windows never open wide enough for accidents to happen. See for more information.


When choosing an apartment, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re close enough to your child’s school or to the school which you hope to move them to. Not only that, but apartment blocks in school zone areas are more likely to have families living in them, meaning you’ll have other little ones for playdates and fun as well as parents to make friends with. If you are moving to a new area, finding other families who you can relate to can help make the transition a bit easier.

Stairs and Elevators

If you’re moving into an apartment block with kids, you should check whether or not there is elevator access to your floor. Although you might be find climbing a couple of blocks of stairs on your own, this might not be such an easy task with toddlers in tow or if you have to take a stroller. You could also ask whether or not you’re allowed to keep strollers and kids’ bikes in a designated area downstairs or if you’ll need to take them to the apartment with you.

Apartment Rules

Apartment blocks come with a set of rules and regulations to ensure that everyone who lives there is happy, safe and comfortable. You make sure that you are clear on what their rules are before you move and ensure that they are easy for you and your children to adhere to. For example, if the rules say that there are no pets allowed in the apartment building you might not be able to get your little ones that kitten they’re always asking for. If you already have a pet, your search will be narrowed down to apartments that allow them.


If you find an apartment that’s listed as family friendly, it’s always best not to take it at face value. Just because it says family friendly doesn’t mean that it’s good for your family! Make sure that you carry out all the necessary checks to ensure you pick the perfect home.