Things to think about when buying a house

Buying a house is a huge commitment and before you even think about purchasing property you need to consider several factors that could influence your purchase, long term prospects and resale value.  To help you ensure your potential purchase is a good one there are several considerations you need to address.


Just because your potential new home is in a desirable area with a sought-after postal code does not mean it’s actually convenient for you, or for others who you may rent your home out to in the future. Your property should be near a central transport hub, have easy access to tube, rail or bus routes and not add extra expenses or time on to your commute. It should also be near popular amenities and attractions that suit your requirements.


Ensure the neighbourhood you are purchasing in does not have negative features that may affect your lifestyle or the resale value of your house. Be aware of entertainment hubs, high traffic areas and other amenities that may cause congestion, noise or inconvenience. If you are used to a quiet neighbourhood and are considering moving to a high density area that features casinos and other places of public amusement, remember that not everyone stays home and enjoys gaming at sites like on a Friday night, and these facilities can get noisy and stay open late.

Future developments

If the property you are considering is in an area where many developments are taking place, ensure that you know and understand what to expect in the future. Often areas become built up, or a new attraction opens and the property prices are affected, so if you are considering an area that is undergoing rapid changes be aware of what will be built and how it will affect you.

Allowed renovations

If you are buying property that’s shared with others, be aware of the implications that renovations can have on you. Ensure that there is a strict policy for any renovations and check that you will be allowed to make changes as you desire, without incurring too much red tape. You don’t want to buy your dream home only to be told you cannot alter it to your specifications.

These are just a few tips to consider when buying a house, but they can make the decision process so much easier.