Top tips for selling your house in 2018

If you you’re looking to sell your house this 2018, you’ll probably be looking for where to start. Times change, fashions change, and the housing market certainly changes, bringing a whole new breed of potential buyer to your door.

 Understanding what they want will be integral to getting a good quick sale on your property. This could be the difference between your housing sitting on the market for months or years and getting snapped up in a flash from an eager buyer.

Here are our five top tips for a quick sale in 2018!

 1. Think of the Tech!

These days technology is more and more a part of our every day lives. People are used to having it and people want to have it! Make sure your home has it too!

A few smart gadgets will come in at a relatively low cost in comparison the to the appeal it can give your property. A few smart gadgets may be just want you need to give your property the edge!

 Make sure you get ones from well known brands that will have a high likelihood of compatibility with the technology that the new potential inhabitants may bring with them!

 2. Market to the Millennials!

The millennials are no longer youngsters any more, they’re growing up, hitting their 30’s and buying houses! According to NAR’s 2017 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study, they are the largest group of home buyers for the fourth consecutive year, at 34%! So they’re not to be ignored! Think modern styling, high tech and sleek design to catch their eye! And make sure you take your marketing online! The millennials are a tech based generation, so make sure you’re showing your property where they’ll hang out most!

 3. Remember the Older Generations Too!

Whilst the millennials may be making up that whopping 34%, it’s important to think about the older buyers too, as these will be the ones most likely to have the budget on hand to spend! Try to make sure your house will be accessible to people of all ages and, if your house already has these features fitted, you can use this as a marketing point to these older potential buyers! And few thoughtful touches can often help to win them over as well!

 4. Think about your marketing!

People are so used to being bombarded with marketing in this day and age, so you’ll have to do something special to catch their eye! It’ll be worth your while to employ an experienced professional photographer to conduct the photoshoot of your house, as this can make it stand out amongst the hordes of houses on online property websites! You may also consider a promotional video to really give it the edge! This can include a guided tour and even drone footage for a super luxurious touch!

 5. The Internet Your Friend!

If you’ve tried all of this and your just not quite getting the bites you’ve expected, or perhaps you just want a quick sale without the fuss of photoshoots and marketing and videos… In this instance, there are online companies that can help! Companies like Goodmove take away the hassle of selling your house, by offering a quick, fuss free sale, so you can get on with finding your new dream home!