UK Property Hotspots for Buy-to-Let Investors Revealed

Are you hoping to invest some of your heard-earned money into real estate that you will then be able to rent out in order to make a profit each month? Then you really need to focus on location if you want to be successful. The right location can make all the difference in terms of how much you can charge your tenants, as well as what types of tenants you can attract. Check out the following UK property hotspots for buy-to-let investors to start generating some ideas on where you should go.

Head to Sheffield

Experts have stated that Sheffield S1 city centre is the place to be if you are a buy-to-let investor. These postcodes will provide you with some of the highest returns on your investment when compared with the rest of the United Kingdom. In fact, the gross yield there is 11.57 per cent. Compare that with the G21 postcodes that are in Glasgow and the BD1 postcodes that are in Bradford, which have expected yields of around 9.02 per cent, and you can quickly see why Sheffield would be the top choice. As long as you invest in an attractive property and you purchase the right landlord insurance to cover your losses, you should be very successful in this location for years to come.

Consider East London

In terms of the best overall return that you can get on your investment, capital gain and rental yield are highest in east London at 17.8 per cent. So this is yet another area that you should consider investing in if you are planning on becoming a landlord and you want to have the highest chances of success for the long term. On the other hand, you should avoid purchasing property and renting it out in Sunderland, where the overall return on investment is just 3.2 per cent, which also happens to be the worst return on investment in the last six years.

Check Out Kent

Plans are in place to construct the Paramount theme park, which will cost £2 billion and be set up in between Dartford and Gravesend in Kent. Experts feel that, because of this upcoming project, the area could be a potentially great place to invest in rental property. The theme park is set to create a massive amount of jobs that will attract many people to the area, so there is the potential to find tenants that are desperately looking for a great place to live. Plus, the low-cost properties in the area make this a great place to be if you want to see growth.


Look at the facts, statistics, and research for various areas throughout the UK when you are trying to decide where you should invest in rental properties that will help you generate money every month from the best tenants. There are several hotspots that have been going strong for years, as well as other areas that experts predict will grow dramatically, so keep those places, in particular, in mind as you search for your property.