Utilising a Communal Outdoor Space

 When you live with a range of different people, whether it be in the same flat or the same building, you will usually have an outdoor space for everybody to share. Unfortunately, such outdoor spaces are not known for being a great place for people to congregate and develop a sense of community if they are untidy and lifeless. With summer on the horizon, and set to be one of the hottest ever, you will be yearning for a great communal space where you can get to know your fellow tenants. Luckily, all hope is not lost. In fact, there are a few steps you and your property owner can follow to make your outdoor space into a social hub.

 Keeping it tidy

 Before you can think about making any changes to the space, you need to make sure that it has been cleaned up, and that tidiness is a priority. You can start by sweeping away any debris and dirt from the garden path, before getting to work cutting back any weeds that have overgrown. If you have a pond at the bottom of the garden, make sure this is a feature rather than something that should be hidden by getting fishpond filters to clear out the build-up of dirt in the water. Once this is done, you can start planting bright, easily maintained plants, and choosing some new fish from the local pet shop to go in the pond.

 Investing in decking

 A lot of outdoor spaces are made up of grassy areas and a few plants, often leaving no space for people to sit or stand. If this is the case with your space, then it is worth asking for garden decking to be put into the communal space, which can also make it look much tidier. Providing tenants with such a space means they can use the outdoor space to relax, rather than having to stand on the grass. You could even go one step further and implement a veranda to protect people from the British weather, without making them resort to going inside. Once the patio is laid, you can start to look for ways to make it into a living space.

 Making it into a haven

 A key step to making your outdoor space somewhere that people want to hang out is by making it relaxing and beautiful. People use gardens as a way of escaping from the stress of their life and to reconnect with nature. The better it looks, the more people will want to come out and enjoy their surroundings, so you can start by investing in some comfortable seating and some solar lighting. These items will help create a great space to hang out after dark, where the lights can cast a soft glow and help make people feel safe. A popular feature in modern outdoor spaces is having a fire pit or a barbeque, which are designed with social gatherings in mind for both winter and summer months.