Why Landlords Should Consider Repointing Their Rental Houses

A rental property is one of the best investments you can make because it gives you a passive income and you also get the benefit of property appreciation. Additionally, properties are designed to last for decades and thus it will not only be a source of income for you but also for generations to come. However, a property’s value and how long it lasts is highly dependent on care and maintenance.

One of the ways to care for your house is by repairing the joints between the bricks. While the stones and bricks are long lasting, the material used to hold them together weakens with time. Thus, it is essential to keep on checking and renewing the weak joints. Some of the top benefits of repointing your rental house include:

Preventing Structural Damage

The first key benefit of renewing the joints is to prevent structural damage for your property. When the weak areas are not addressed immediately, they could ruin the strength and the stability of your building. Structural problems are costly to repair and thus you should take the necessary precautions to prevent the bigger damages.

Aesthetic Value to Attract Renters

Repointing will boost the aesthetic value for your commercial property and this is a key factor in attracting tenants. A beautiful exterior gives renters a good first impression. However, irregularities on your exterior walls can make your house unattractive and turn off your potential renters. Thus, even as you are working on the interior, don’t ignore the exterior. A poor appearance could be the reason your house has been empty for a long time. Work on it and you may see a reduction in vacancy rates.

Protect the Interiors

Weak joints can cause water to leak into the interior walls. Water leaks normally happen slowly and by the time it is detected, the damage may be so intense that you may have to replace part of the wall. Thus, ensure that the wear and tear on the exterior is fixed before it causes any damage to the interior.

Boost the Value and Longevity of Your Property

Finally, renewing your property often boosts its value and longevity. A well maintained property gives you a basis for negotiating for a better price when selling. If you are not looking to sell, you will enjoy the value, get renters without fail and leave a legacy for the next generations.  

Pointing brickwork is one of the ways to preserve the quality and aesthetic value of your property. But how much does it cost to repoint a house? This will depend on the wear and tear condition. However, the cost is reasonable compared to the value you get and the long term repair costs you will avoid. A professional bricklayer will assist you in removing the old mortar and applying the new material.

Any signs of deterioration, cracks, unevenness or unsightly lumps and mismatching colouring in the mortar are some of the key indications that your walls require some maintenance. If you notice any of these, it is better to take action sooner rather than later.