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Student for Life

Hi, my name is Valmar Kaljurand but I identify myself as Valmar Kivikild Kaljurand. The middle name comes from my mothers side, basically my mothers maiden name. I'm a student studying Computer Science but at the same time I pursue art and culture as a career. As a person I'm very deeply philosophical but I'm also very kind. Sometimes my mum say's I can be too "Blue Eyed" and I agree, I can be too kind sometimes, not thinking of what I actually need. Among other things I enjoy art very much

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  • 08/10/2017 
  • 23 
  • Male 
  • Yes 
  • Computer Science 
  • Caucasian 
  • In Nature 
  • Needs Fixing 
  • Omnivore 
  • Art, Music, Gaming, Philosophy, Psychology and so on 
  • Coventry City Centre,Coventry 
  • Don't Mind  
  • 18-24 
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